This Year's Conference

The 2012 conference will be held from Monday 3rd December to Wednesday 5th December 2012 at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Please click here for details.

Previous AAEE conferences

Below is what has been saved from now inactive previous conference websites. Not all were easily transferable and so itís a mixed bag of download methods. All conference papers from 2003 and onwards are however retrievable from here.

Note:All papers accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Annual Conferences for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education were submitted as full papers and were double blind peer reviewed. Authors were given the opportunity to amend their paper in light of these reviews before the decision to accept and publish the paper was made. This process of reviewing is in accord with the criteria set by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) of the Australian Government for published papers.

Year Host Theme
2011 Fremantle, Western Australia. Developing Engineers for Social Justice: Community Involvement, Ethics & Sustainability.
2010 The University of Technology, Sydney Past, Present, Future
Full Conference Proceedings
2009 The University of Adelaide Engineering the Curriculum
Full Conference Proceedings
2008 CQ University Industry and Beyond
Index (with abstracts) and links to papers
2007 University of Melbourne Connecting Teaching, Research and Industry through Engineering Education
Index to each paper
2006 Auckland University of Technology Creativity, Challenge, Change: Partnerships in Engineering Education
Paper Schedule (Papers-zipped)
2005 Sydney Global Colloquium on Engineering Education
Archived conference with full papers
2004 USQ, Toowoomba Creating Flexible Learning Environments.
All the papers in one pdf
2003 RMIT, Melbourne Sustainable Engineering Education
All the papers in one pdf
2002 Canberra Leadership in Learning: Learning in Leadership
2001 Queensland University of Technology Towards Excellence in Engineering Education
2000 No Conference due to Olympic Games
1999 University of South Australia Unfolding landscapes in Engineering Education
1998 Central Queensland University Waves of Change
1997 University of Ballarat Putting Students Back into Engineering Education
1996 University of New South Wales Keeping Pace with Social and Technical Change
1995 University of Melbourne Internationalisation of Engineering Education
1994 University of Technology, Sydney Inspiring Integration - Futures in Engineering Education in Australia
1993 University of Auckland Quality in Engineering Education
1992 Queensland University New Opportunities and Challenges for Engineering Education
1991 The University of Adelaide Broadening Horizons of Engineering Education
1990 Monash University New Pathways and Methods in Engineering Education
1989 Sydney University Strengthening Academia/Industrial Co-operation

How to Host an AAEE Annual Conference

The decision on where to hold each Annual Conference is made at a meeting of the AAEE Executive. Universities interested in hosting conferences should prepare an expression of interest as per the required guidelines and forward it to the AAEE Secretary as soon as possible.